Agents Making a Move .. Switching Brokerages, My 1st Week

Whoa! What an exciting week this has been!  My first week at my new office, RE/MAX Affiliates, NE

Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Having been told over and over (brainwashing?) that the real estate giant, RE/MAX would be like working in a shark tank … I immediately found that to be quite the opposite.  Everyone I have come in contact with thus far has been incredibly helpful to me during my transition. The caliber of my fellow agents alone makes RE/MAX a wonderful place to grow and take my career to the next level.

My new office is bustling and full of experienced agents, so their ads hold true. They all seem to be quite happy with their “home away from home” — I’ve met many “names” that I’ve seen around town and there is even an agent who has been featured on one of my favorite shows on HGTV, House Hunters.  I am surrounded by, in my opinion, the best of the best and I am loving that I have become part of their family. So please allow me to dismiss the first myth … RE/MAX agents are not a bunch of piranhas, they are just really good at what they do.

Brazilian Black Piranha

Brazilian Black Piranha

My new broker, Alan Stasson, has followed through on everything he presented to me during my interview process and then some.  If you are thinking of a move yourself, which is why I started this blog …  there wasn’t much on the net to help me .. be sure to interview with many different brokerages before making a decision!! I highly recommend doing this to see whose personality best meshes with YOURS.  Alan seemed quite genuine and he was not pushy. He allowed me to make the decision to come to his office on my own without hounding me, and without knocking the competition, that impressed me, he didn’t need to knock the competition AND most importantly, the fact that he came highly recommended by OTHER AGENTS.  I found that to be something very important during my search for a new home away from home. The opinion of the people that work under someone holds its weight in gold. He has been available to me whenever a question came about, and believe me there have been many during this transition! Feel free to call him personally and ask, 215-335-6900.

This week I listed my first property as a RE/MAX agent … it is already under contract and I have very happy clients, as they say, it’s the experience that counts! I am off and running and looking back I am wondering why it took me so long to make this move in the first place! I already feel at home in my new place.  Now where is the copier again?

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Thinking of making a move yourself? Contact me! Whether a home buyer or a home seller (or an agent with transition questions) get in touch with me, I love to help people!

 Kim Schreiner 215.510.2149  REMAX Affiliates NE 215.335-6900

3 thoughts on “Agents Making a Move .. Switching Brokerages, My 1st Week

  1. Hi Kim..Very cute blog..I am happy you think of me as a helpful agent rather than a Shark or Piranha .I am so excited to have you as one of our new agents and hope to be seeing more of you in the near future.We are having a picnic July 22 please try to attend it will be fun.I am sorry it took me so long to comment on your blog but HelpfulHannah has been very busy with first time home buyers .They have been filing amended forms with their accountants after closing and are patiently waiting to receive their $8000 check..Hope to see you on the 22 of July..your friend at your new office Hannah Williams

    • So far everyone has been helpful … a much more active bunch, you can hear more than a pin drop in our office! And thankfully there are no man eaters as I was told there would be … ha ha haaaa! Scare tactics. I’ve been super busy too … I love my first timers. “Property Virgins” (HGTV) … they are always so excited, makes it more exciting for me! The 8K tax credit needs to be extended!! I popped my head in the office yesterday to make some copies of an offer I had written yesterday morning, but couldn’t stay … have to work around my son’s summer schedule .. is it September yet?

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