Agents Making A Move, Pt. 3 … thee end … for now.

8 months has passed by already … 8 months since I became a RE/MAX agent. If you aren’t an agent, this blog will probably bore you. But if you are an agent or thinking of becoming one, then by all means .. KEEP READING!

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, especially on this topic! That’s a good thing. I’ve been busy. Unimaginably busy! My move has paid off in so many different ways. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took the leap, and by doing so, I grew my business, my sphere and my reputation in the industry. It’s been a helluva ride  that I am sharing with you because I know how scary it can be to jump ship! I am now working with the industry leader most known for its caliber of agents and its overall presence in the marketplace, worldwide.

Agents, I cannot lie … I do have an ulterior motive for wanting you to check out my firm; but I can’t share that publicly, so call me if you want to hear allllll about it. I’d be happy to talk to you! 215-335-6900.

RE/MAX - Experience SELLS

There has not been one negative thing about my new company. My broker is always available, day and night to help when needed. The other agents in my office are always willing to lend a hand and they all have nothing but great things to say about the company they work with! The overall “personality” of the office is so full of energy, fun, humor … just a big difference from the “other” place … and you can see why RE/MAX agents are so successful.  We have drive — and most of us have a major “addiction” to real estate.  The other night, a fellow agent made that comment to me and and I thought that was a very good way of talking about real estate .. it IS an addiction, a beneficial, positive addiction.

My name is Kim Schreiner and I am happily addicted to REAL ESTATE.

I am glad I became a part of this team. If you are interested in inquiring about becoming part of such a fabulous office (the Number #1 RE/MAX Office in Philadelphia) give Alan Stasson a call at 215-335-6900. Or, visit his website, (be sure to check out the commission calculator) and if you don’t believe the difference, then give ME a call. I have a nice spreadsheet to share with you that shows the difference of my REAL sales in 2009 at the “other” place vs. RE/MAX (same work, mo’ money – you get paid like the professional you are)! Yep, sometimes it IS about you, your family, and getting what you are WORTH.

I’m good at what I do. Are you? I work hard, very hard. Do you? If you answered yes, then why are you paying your current broker so much for YOUR HARD WORK? 

If you are reading this far, you must be asking yourself that already.

Stop paying for your broker’s vacations!
If you can sell 8 or more properties per year, then maybe it’s time to consider a career move to better YOUR career.

Since when did I become a recruiter?
Back to my ulterior motives that I cannot share publicly, but I am NOT a recruiter. I am very happy I took a chance on myself, it paid off. Just sharing my happiness with my fellow agents who are still giving away a big chunk of their hard earned money and not getting much in return.  Another thought provoking question for you … figuratively speaking …

Maybe it’s time to consider taking YOUR happy pill?

At RE/MAX Affiliates NE … the split I have with my firm … I get A LOT in return. For each sale … they mail out JUST SOLD postcards for me, it’s a no brainer, I just check a box on my closing sheet.

Although I like to do a lot of my Internet marketing myself, it’s not for everyone! An added bonus (double advertising for me, yes, sometimes again, it IS ABOUT YOU, and Alan is all about marketing his agents) – all office listings automatically get posted on YOUTUBE and Craigslist, saving loads of time! Another perk? Free breakfast once a month at our office meetings .. come on … bacon, eggs and coffee on your boss? Nice. 

1 hour of your time with a down to earth, hands on broker can put THOUSANDS in YOUR pocket. When I say thousands, I can prove it. Call me about my lil’ spreadsheet …

No brainer.

Kim Schreiner, ePRO, SFR, Realtor
RE/MAX Affiliates, NE
The #1 RE/MAX Office in the City of Philadelphia
Office: 215.335.6900
Cell: 215.510.2149

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