Fundraiser Event: Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness

Melanoma AwarenessThis is an ongoing invitation to donate towards this cause for a cure and more research and awareness.

Heading this fundraiser is Jeanne Dubil, her mother was recently diagnosed with Melanoma and she has already undergone three surgeries.  She had (what she thought was, the onset of an age spot) appear on her cheek a few Summers ago and didn’t think anything of it until this past year when she was strongly coerced to seek medical attention. It has all happened so fast!  She is now recovering from her third, most invasive procedure and plastic surgery.

October is Cancer Awareness Month! Melanoma is the most aggressive and dangerous form of skin cancer and unfortunately goes undetected.  Jeanne’s family had a wakeup call and they are all now under the care of a dermatologist getting checked as it is hereditary!

Jeanne is inviting you to take part in a Fundraiser through her Arbonne Business to raise money for the Skin Cancer & Melanoma Research.  Please go to her website to see the “Awaken Sea Salt Scrub” product at to see the amazing product that everyone in your household can enjoy. It retails for $28. You are welcome to make a donation in lieu of receiving this product, too.

To participate in the fundraiser, please send a $30 check to Jeanne (to cover tax & shipping) at:

Jeanne Dubil
303 Greenwood Rd.
Lansdale, Pa 19446


You can also email Jeanne at for further information.

Let her know how many Salt Scrubs you would like and if any of them are gifts she can gift-wrap them for you! Her goal is to order 125 by October 15th and send the Skin Cancer Research a check for $1,000.

Jeanne thanks you for working with her towards her goal to help raise awareness of Melanoma!

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