Terrible Texting

The next time you think of it when you are in a public place, look around you. Notice how many people have their heads down, texting someone or playing with their phone.

Yesterday when I picked my son up at school I made the hilarious observation of many parents with their heads down texting or messing around with their phones while waiting for their kids to come out. Almost every parent was typing something. I seriously should have taken a picture with my own phone.

Are our lives THAT busy? Do we all think we are THAT important? Do we really think anyone cares that we just finished doing the laundry? (Yep, I’ve posted that.)  Have a headache today? (Guilty.) Burped? (Not sure if I am guilty of this one. But my sister in law, love you, had stinky feet yesterday.) Ever take a picture of what you were eating and post it … ummmm … who cares? (Yes. Guilty of this, too.) Why do I think you even care to read my blog? Yes, I am that important!  ::Giggle::

It’s even more comical when you go to a restaurant and see 2 people sitting across from each other, texting. No conversation. I am guilty of this myself. My husband and son will play the DS and I will work from my phone until my dinner comes out. In a sense, it’s peaceful, quiet time. My son is busy and bonding with Dad and I get to eat, have a beer AND get caught up on some work.

Geesh… we are a sad generation, I must say. While the technology today is wonderful — everyone expects things to be responded to immediately….  In my best panicky voice … “What? Your phone isn’t hooked up to your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/MySpace accounts? I emailed you a minute ago .. and you didn’t respond, did you get my email?” Sound familiar?

Maybe my parents have it right? They don’t have call waiting, they don’t have a computer and they just recently purchased a cell phone (for emergency use only) that does not accept text messages or take pictures, video or movies.

OMG! Personally …. I’d die.  So I am not knocking anyone, I am very guilty of all of this abuse myself. My career demands it; and many times, if I don’t respond quickly I lose the client, it’s the nature of the beast today.  Have you noticed social interaction today? Many people can’t look at you and have a decent conversation at the same time. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

Well .. I have to go now, my phone is blinking I have a message …..

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