Fat Man or Bean Pole? Seriously?

Based on these photos … Who Would You Elect for President?

Governor Christie vs Sophia Vergara

And the next President of the United States is ...

It is a known fact that politics and religion are taboo water cooler topics. Well, too bad. Digest this with your morning coffee. Who watched Fox News last night?

Ugh. Last night I was so disgusted watching Fox News go up to the average Joe/Jane on the street with a collage of three photos. One features (not my words) a “fat, less attractive” Governor Christie and the other two of his would be “thinner, more attractive” presidential opponents should New Jersey’s Governor Christie decide to enter into the political race for Mr. President.

Read the article.

They’ve even created a poll for you to go online and vote.

Seriously? Is that what we have become as a society? Let’s put in the pretty guy/girl with the 6 pack abs … who cares about their track record! Oh! Maybe that’s why we are where we are today?  Maybe we elected Barry because he was pretty and skinny (although he does smoke so maybe that’s how he stays so trim)?

Maybe Mr. Christie should be the next Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig spokesperson so that he can run for the Presidential Seat? You know, so his fat ass fits in the chair? Seriously?? Maybe that would boost his popularity because he will then be more appealing and easier on the eyes? I can’t say it enough .. Ugh.

Is the American Public that Vain? That Self Centered? That STUPID?

9/30/11 Update: the answer is NO! Based on the Fox News poll as of this morning of the 32,477 total votes, 28.472 people (87.67%) chose the response, “Who cares?! I just want a GOOD president who can fix this economy.”

Kudos! It appears it is Fox News who is stupid and lame (those ARE my words). 

I am appalled that a major news network took the time to walk around the streets with 3 photos asking people who they found more attractive and why. Ugh. Aren’t there much more important things to cover in today’s world? War? Economy? Housing Crisis? Debt Ceiling? Job Loss? No … they took their time to report on Mr. Christie’s Big and Tall Man’s body. Sad. Sad. Sad.

I miss the good old days when we elected our officials based on their history and work ethic, not by who Hollywood and their fake teeth/boobs/noses/you get the point … stands behind, nor by who has the most money or by how they fit into a pair of jeans. 

Truly Unbelievable.