WANTED: Missing Short Sale Documents!

I often wonder what happens to the endless amount of documents I fax over to lenders for short sales.

Does the big, scary, purple paper eating monster come and steal them while we sleep?

Maybe someone hit control-alt-delete one too many times and they just don’t want to say they screwed up?

Today, for the third time, I’ve faxed over a complete short sale package (all 972,341,614,436,491,646 pages of it) to a lender. I won’t mention any names for fear they may send the purple monster after me!  GASP!

So … Where does it go? Paper heaven? Did the dog eat it? Where? Tell me please? A lot of trees are being murdered because you can’t get your <docs> together. I’d use a better choice of words, but I might get flagged.

Many banks, I know for a fact, scan these documents into their computers. So why do they want them over and over again? Truly, I am puzzled.  I’ve been told they need me to constantly resend these documents to “reactivate” the files — I have to wonder why it was deactivated in the first place! And even if it was deactivated, can’t they just push a button and bring it back to life? Afterall, they have 2 full copies of my client’s entire life story and this is 2010.

Truly puzzled.

NEXT: Here’s a thought I will leave you with:

Why is it the banks make you wait (sometimes months) for an answer; but yet when they finally give you an answer, they want you to respond in 24 hours or they will take your first born and your right arm? Hmmmm? Stay tuned ….

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