Things to Do This Weekend in PA

Fun Things to Do in PA
Check out one of my favorite websites to find fun things to do in the State of Pennsylvania.

Whether you have a huge family to entertain or you’re just looking for some solo excitement, you will find it here!

Too Hot Outside? Indoor Things to Do with Kids

things to do with kids in paIt is supposed to go over the 100 degree mark here in PA today, and that’s just a little too hot for me (unless I am on vacation on a tropical island somewhere down by the Equator).  Add to the equation a mid-summer, bored child and moving to a new area and well … need I type more?

So this morning I started to scour the Internet for fun, local things to do with my son, preferably air-conditioned, indoor fun or someplace where I can stay submerged in water.

Here’s what I came up with and I thought I’d share…. some are free, some are not …

Stumbled on this site which features tons of ideas:

Although this is titled “Rainy Day Activities” … it’s still a well composed list of indoor things to do with your kids and a great website to explore when you are looking for something to do with your bored child:   FamilyEducation

bored kidI came across this blog over at CafeMom … 7 Fun Indoor Things …. I especially like the “Build A Fort” suggestion, I can remember doing this as a kid myself, and I’ve done this many times with my son, he loves it.

Here’s something I personally did with my son last summer:  each week my son and I went through all the digital photos we had taken from our summer weekends spent down the shore, from our vacation, or just something special we did together as a family. We ordered our favorite pictures (yes, we had them printed!) and we created a scrapbook to give as a gift to my parents. My parents do not have a computer, so I cannot share photos with them via email (imagine that??) nor do they have a “double line” on their home phone and my Mom just got a cell phone a few years ago, a Jitterbug, it’s hilarious. But that’s getting off topic …

They, more my Dad than my Mom, always complain they never SEE the photos we take except when I run through them on my little camera screen and they need a magnifying glass to get the actual effect.  So .. my son and I spent our down-time/bored-time having fun making a Summer Scrapbook. We added stickers and sayings and made something very special. We gave it to my parents at the end of the summer. It was probably one of the most cherished gifts we’ve given them in a long time and it sits on their coffee table year-round.

If you like this idea and don’t have a lot of time on your hands, or if you don’t have kids and want to make a special gift for someone, an easier, less time-consuming way to do this is to order a printed book of your personal photos

There are also some cool places to visit that will keep your kids entertained and some of them even allow Mom to shop:

Giggleberry Fair at Peddler’s Village (Kids can play, Mom can shop, but not at the same time)!

Sesame Place  (Can get VERY crowded on days like today! So go after 4!)

Adventure Aquarium 

Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor Waterpark  Year Round Fun!

Lazer Tag at Brunswick Zone – Parents vs. Kids!

The Crayola Factory  Worth the Drive!

Philadelphia Museums and Attractions at

Indoor Roller Skating, Bowling, Movies (check your local library, sometimes they have free movies or classes for kids)

Looking for FREE things to Do? Click Here! 

Many fast food places (I know, yuck!) but .. many do have indoor, air-conditioned playground areas. I’ve found my son doesn’t eat much when we go there, he just plays and it’s up to me not to order the Big Mac for myself.

Many Philadelphia Recreation Centers have free pools that you can take advantage of, or outdoor playground with sprinklers.

If you have any ideas you would like to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section!! And stay cool!Melting Witch Cartoon

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